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 The Origins of the LRC Logo


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Many people have asked me over the years how we came about finding the beautiful Labrador model which became a feature of our Year Books, our letter heading and the engraved crystal glassware.

When I became Secretary and Treasurer of the club in 1981, with the support of the Committee I began to look for was to take the club forward and give it the prestige it deserved.  We already had a small stick pin badge, with a Labrador silhouette and our Field Trial award certificates carried an image of Lorna Countess Howe’s famous Dual Ch Banchory Bolo.  However, we wanted to give our judges and major prize winners something special, too.  I knew of a local glass engraver and spoke to them about our plans, they agreed to design a sample if I could produce a suitable photograph they could work from.

Since my early showing days in the ‘60s I had accumulated a big collection of photographs and one of my favourites was a photo given to me by a lovely lady, Mrs Boyer, who had owned the beautiful bitch Liddly Cornflower.  The photograph, taken by Fall, showed Cornflower at her best and also gave the engraver a wonderful outline from which to work.  The Committee agreed, Mrs Broadley actually said that she felt Cornflower was one of the best bitches she had ever seen.  It was also felt that as Cornflower had won BIS at our own show twice, it was especially fitting.

Liddly Chrysanthemum

Ch Sandylands Tweed of Blaircourt

Ch Ruler of Blaircourt

Forbes of Blaircourt

Treesholme Thunder

Craigluscar Dusk of Blaircourt

Olivia of Blaircourt

Lawrie of Blaircourt

Craigluscar Dusk of Blaircourt

Sh Ch Tessa of Blaircourt

Ch Laird of Lochaber

Treesholme Trigger

Thrill of Treesholme

Ch Imp of Blaircourt

Eng & Ind Ch Craigluscar Emperor of Blaircourt

Sandra of Blaircourt

Liddly Spongefinger

Liddly Barleywater

SA CH Liddly Blackthorn

Liddly Stephenotus

Liddly Sauterne

Zena of Beechdown

Liddly Cyder


Liddly Spongecake

Ch General of Garshangen

Ch Poppleton Lieutenant

Gigha of Garshangan

Liddly Martini

Liddlyt Cyder

Ch Liddly Coffee

Furzehold Pale Moonlight

Foxbrae Rushy

Ch Cedar Woodland


Stoneywood Duke

Ivory of Gloamin

Susan of Hayward

Buttercup Jayson

Osu of Stoke

Clappersmead Russettwood


Stoneywood Duke

Ivory of Cloamin

Amberof Little cote

Rusty of Westwolves

Brambletye Amber

Furzeholt Pale Dawn

Wainfylde Amazon

Hillbilly of Wainfylde

Poppleton Golden Loom

Velvet Morn

Briafield Sandra

Liddly Stephenotus

Briafield Cream Shanne

Furzehold Amanda of Ipsden

Mumbery Sandwort

Mumbery Calcetto Cornet

Drumrossi Betti

Holton Trilll

Holton Canter

Holton Whimbrel


Cornflower, born in April 1965 was bred from a long line of Mrs Saunder’s Liddly dogs, her sire being Liddly Chrysanthemum.  As Mrs Boyer had no interest in showing her, she was actually shown in the ring by Mrs Saunders herself.  Cornflower won her first CC at Leicester in 1966, the following year she won 5 CCs, including BIS at our own LRC Championship show.  She repeated this great win the following year in 1967, as well as collecting a further 2 CCs and 1 RCC.  Mrs Boyer then withdrew cornflower from showing.  Aged only 3 years old she had won 9 CCs at a time when bitch competition was at its pinnacle, as any record will confirm.

We were able to produce an excellent range of glassware for our presentations and in 1983 it was also put on sale for our members to buy.  We also later used the same outline to produce gentlemen’s ties and used it on our Year Book frontispiece, letterheads and website.

I am still very proud that our decision 30 years ago, still meets with the approval of our Members, and am delighted to have been asked to explain how it came about.

Jo Coulson