Hip Scores


The Labrador Retriever Club have for many years published an annual book of hip scores for the breed. These have proven an invaluable resource for those choosing a sire as they provide statistics showing mean hip scores for the tested progeny of sires. The book was originally compiled by Joan Macan and Muriel Winter. 

In 2007 Kate and Andy Smith (www.ardenbrook.co.uk) took on the task of compiling the mean score tables for the Labrador Retriever Club, and we are extremely grateful to them for allowing us to publish these.

The more progeny that are tested the more reliable the mean hip scores are. For this reason two tables are available as .pdf files. The first shows mean hip scores for tested progeny by sire where 20 or more progeny have been tested. The second shows scores where the sire has between 10 and 19 progeny tested. Sires with less than 10 progeny tested are not given.

 Click link below for pdf file. 

10 - 19 Progeny [2011]     20+ Progeny [2011]

Hips & Elbows [2011]

Mean Scores for previous years are shown below:


20+ Progeny [2010]    
Elbows [2010]    

20+ Progeny [2009]      10 - 19 Progeny [2009]