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The Year Book

The Year Book is published annually and is posted to all members who are up to date with their subscriptions. It is usually ready by Crufts each year, so members who have not renewed their membership can do so at the Club stand and receive their book at the same time. It may also be purchased at the stand at Crufts, at any of the LRC shows for £10 or from the Hon Secretary for £10 plus postage. Some back copies are also available at a cost of £2.00.

If you wish to advertise your kennel in the Year Book you must have been a member for at least a year. The date of the book refers to the year in which events are recorded, ie the 2005 book has only been available since March 2006.

Members are encouraged to offer ideas for articles and events which could be included. Please contact one of the joint Editors by telephone, cd or e-mail. The following information may be helpful for your forward planning.

Joanne and Andrew Watson
Telephone:  01772 491045

Please do not leave your photos to the last minute!

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Year Book Guidance Notes           Year Book Advert Form


 Please Note the following:

One colour page: £80*
(add £15 for each additional photo and £10 if it is to be ‘bled out’ to the edges)

Double colour page £150*
(add £15 for each additional photo and £10 if it is to be ‘bled out’ to the edges)

One black and white page: £40*
(add £5 for each additional photo)
Double black and white page £70*
(add £5 for each additional photo)

For information on Trade adverts please contact the Year Book Editor.

Copy can be received on disk, CD or on paper, but it is helpful if a paper copy can be included, to ease our record keeping. If you send by E-mail please note that we cannot process your review until payment has been received. E-mails and their photos should include your affix in the file name.

The submission of your advert will be acknowledged either by phone or e-mail, to let you know it has arrived safely.  Please contact us if this is not the case.

Cheques (in £ please) payable to Labrador Retriever Club
and NOT to the Editor

All monies must be received by the closing date and should be sent with the details of your advert. Cash can be accepted in Sterling or Euros but the Labrador Retriever Club cannot be held responsible for loss in transit.

 Photos may be collected at Crufts.
Others will be returned by post by the end of March.
Please note – CD’s and floppy discs can be collected at shows by
arrangement with the Year Book Editor but will not be returned by post.

Club Publications for Sale


Price £

Year Book (current issue)


Old Year Books (from 1998-2010)


Hip Score Records 2006

Hip Score Records (1998-2004)


1949 Stud Book (with record of Field Trials)


Reprint of original club publication, Dual Ch., Ch., CC & FT Winners from 1919 to 1948. Plus bloodline charts and historical reviews.  Includes USA and Indian FT Ch and bloodlines of all Retriever Breeds

Postage for any of these books






(outside Europe)


  • All items are available from the Secretary, also at the Club Shows and at the Club Stand at Crufts. 

  • Please make all payments in £ sterling only, and cheques payable to The Labrador Retriever Club.