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2019 Water Tests
The Labrador Retriever Club held water tests at the home
of the Deerbridge Labradors- Deerbridge House, Elstead, Surrey
on Friday 2ndAugust
by kind permission of Mr John and Mrs Elizabeth Barnes.  

The day was a great success with a good entry.   The judges were John Barnes, Dr Diane Heywood and Mrs Toni Saunders.  The tests were set by myself and John and Liz Barnes.  
The Special Puppy and Novice Dog Novice Handlers did the same tests (Beginners) and the Novice undertook a slightly more difficult variation.  These were run in the morning and in the afternoon there was an open test.  

The Beginners tests were Test one with two dogs in line a mark in the water and a memory mark behind.  
Test two a mark in the water with a mark onto a small island to be collected first.
Test 3 a mark into the river and a blind alongside the river to be collected first.   The Novice tests were:  Test one with two dogs in line a mark over the water into some long grass with a blind behind.  The dog collecting the dummy over the water were positioned near the water’s edge down a small incline so that they could not see the other dog collecting the blind first and who was stood a couple of yards behind the dog being sent for the mark. 
The positions and retrieves were then reversed.    Test two was a mark into the water at a right angle with a blind on the small island to be collected first.  Test 3 was a mark over the river and a memory mark into some roots by a feed bin.    In the afternoon.  
The open dogs had to collect a blind the other side of a pond which had fallen up an inlet gully.  Before being sent there was a distraction thrown to the right on the bank. This was collected second.  The second test was a mark thrown into a small lake partially obscured by overhanging trees.  The dogs were then walked to an area a short distance away where a “wounded duck” needed to be collected first which had been seen at the end of a water ditch running long ways through a wood.  There was quite a small window for handlers to keep their dogs in.  Afterwards they returned to the starting point to collect the mark which necessitated the dog negotiating another long ways gulley before they reached the retrieve on the lake.   For the last test the dog and handler walked along the river bank and a dummy was thrown to the other side on a sandy bank.  They walked on a little further and had to collect a blind across the river on a Z bend on the diagonal.  Afterwards, they collected the mark from the same position which if done perfectly the dogs went down a small bank on the diagonal across the river in the opposite direction.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the day and the tests.   

The results were:

Special Puppy(after a run off for the first 3 places)
1st. Jane Manley’s Dog Gatlinburg Antler (FT Ch Waterford Harris of Featherfly X Westmacott Jojo)
2nd. Chris Rose’s Bitch Leospring Magnolia (Briwed Magic at Leospring X Leospring Zest)
3rd. Jackie Davis’s Dog Bellespaddle Matchless (Ferbury Lancelot of Smithsteads X Bellspaddle Intrepid)
Certificates of Merit:  Angie Townsend’s Bitch Beggarbush Wilderness to Elmertown  (Gosberry Governor X Stauntonvale’s Little Devil)
Chrissie Walton’s Dog Braltontwist Blaze    (Foxglove of Super Sid X Opal Grey Ivy at Twistmount)
Novice Dog Novice Handler.  The winner was running in his first test

1st. John Scott’s Bitch Abbotsann Honeydew (Ettinsmoor Sandman of Bellaroyal) Abbotsann Allspice)
2nd. Karen Wenzel’s Bitch Tashwarne Willow at Meonriver FT Ch Greenbriar Thunder at Drakeshead X Tashwarne Flick)
3rd. Rowan Mould’s Bitch McVean’s  Black Zulu (Chancelend Pitch of Heathergaye X Hawkgarth Artemis)
Novice (after a run off for first place)
1st. Vincent Mahon’s bitch Lavanthill Belle Alsaro Bitch (Eastdale Harry X Tanglefield Olivia
2nd. Angie Townsend with Keith Townsend’s bitch Elmertown  Angelique (Heronsrest Acer X Elmertown Akoya Pearl
3rd. Vanessa North’s  bitch Fendoville Ava Sunda (Baileys Aguzannis of Fendawood X Fenway Warbler
4th. Abbie Reid’s Dog  Riverlilly Summer Storm (Ft Ch Kestrelway Freddie X Riverlily Angel of Sunshire
Certificates of Merit   Chrissie Walton’s Bitch Twistmount Purdy (Jopstel Eagle X Chasing Jasmine)
Pauline Young’s Bitch Winkfieldrow Belle (/Waterford Harris of Featherfly X Winkfield Moss)


1st. Jason Mayhew’s Dog Ft Ch Kestrelway Drake (on a full score)
2nd. Belinda Welbourn’s Dog Wylanbriar Hideaway (Bedgebrook Never Say Never to Wylanbriar X Bedgebrook Shamrock at Wylanbriar)
3rd. Keith Townsends Bitch Elmertown if I May (Never Disarday at Wylanbriar X Elmertown Applejacks Lady
Certificate Merit of Merits to Wendy Brown’s Bitch Kenquince Time for Twister (Drakeshead Vodka X Kentely Sunrise) 
Janice Miller’s Bitch Studebaker Allegro of Millerise (Ft Ch Eastdale Harry X FT Ch Ducies Dodge by Studebaker)
Best looking Labrador in the awards over the day was
Chris Rose’s Leospring Magnolia

I had a tremendous amount of help over the day which ensured that everything went very smoothly. Thank you to everyone that stepped forward including Elizabeth West on the desk all day.  Derek Bull and Sophie Mills and Jenny all day.  Our Chairman David Coode all day.  Sylvia McCrae, Mary Adkins, Scotty, Sarah Burnell, Chris Rose Brian West , Sophie Mills,  Leigh and Lee Stutton, Shirley Carew Karen Wenzel and a few others who I have probably forgotten.  Apologies for this.  Also thank you to our tremendous hosts with John judging and Liz helping to organise moving people between test three and two and generally keeping everyone on their toes.  Also, to Hampshire Gundog Society and the Kent Surrey and Sussex Labrador club for loan of dummies and additional radios.  
Joy Venturi Rose

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